March 22, 2010 Inspiration – or something like it

I recently returned from a stint at a writers festival at a school and am still thinking of this one great question one of the kids asked. What was your most inspirational moment? For about five seconds after she asked this I just had a big blank. It was a really good, hard to answer question and mostly because it’s not something I usually think about. Do any of us? I do spend time thinking about what inspires me regarding certain stories I might write, where the ideas came from, how the characters evolved, but an actual moment of inspiration akin to a Eureka moment is another thing. I ended up answering her by saying I thought it was being read Lord of the Rings when I was a child, because it was an inspirational moment and one I still do remember, but the most?? I don’t know.I’m not even sure I really have one defining moment. Do you? 

Some people talk about people they’ve met – amazing people with incredible life stories – others it’s just a moment in time like man’s first steps on the moon, but the most inspirational is hard to pin point. I’m still wondering.

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