Rosie Black Chronicles 2: Equinox. Cover Reveal countdown….

Things have been busy these past few months at the Morgan ranch as I’ve been flat out editing the second book in my young adult series but it’s almost ready now and I can finally say when the cover and first chapter will be released into the wild.

On August 22, Equinox will be getting it’s first unveiling to the world in the form of a cover, first chapter and new book trailer. I post about this series more on the dedicated blog I’ve set up for it at which is all about Rosie Black and her world, so if you want the most up to date news on the series its always best to check there. 

And you can always find me lurking around twitter as well – I’m a serial lurker when I should be working! Any questions, mail me, tweet me or comment on the blog. Love to hear from you!

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