November 17

Some say travel broadens the mind, others that it’s just another opportunity to buy more shoes. Either way, I’ve just got home from yet another trip south to the ‘big smoke’and as usual have come back with more books than I left with and a sock that I’m pretty sure does not belong to me. (Suspect I must have bypassed that black hole where all the odd socks go and one just slipped out when I wasn’t looking and landed in my bag). Anyway, NEWS…..Am almost finished the final edit of Betrayal, Book 2 in the Twins of Saranthium trilogy. It’s due out in March 2010 with Pan Macmillan in Australia and NZ and right now ( well almost right now as soon as I finish this) I am going over the final pages with the editors, crossing eyes and dotting t-shirts etc.

I’m also starting work on a book trailer for Betrayal – which will hopefully be good and not one of those dodgy ones which steals ninety seconds from your life that you can’t claim on tax. I’ll be posting it here on my site when it’s done so comments and criticisms can be lobbed at it. 

I’m also on Twitter now so you can follow me there, codename Alterin01 – but just look for Lara Morgan and you should find me. Ciao for now.

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