Twins of Saranthium 3 – Redemption, CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Yes that is not a rumour, that is fact. I am, this year, working on the third and final book in the Twins series. 

A big hi and thanks must go to those people who have read the first two and liked them enough to take the time to contact me and ask about this third last book. Yes it is coming. No, I don’t have a publication date, but it won’t be until 2012. I’ve been typing away on the draft after coming up with the skeleton outline and am hoping it’s all going to go well. For me that is. Some of the characters are not going to fare so well. There will be deaths, but I’m not telling who will be skipping in the fields of the after life. Although, while not committing myself to anything, I am open to receiving bribes for that information in the form of chocolate, champagne and quirky sci-fi themed t-shirts. 

I’m also going to be working on the third book in my YA series, The Chronicles of Rosie Black. No title hints yet but you will be too distracted when the second book, Equinox, comes out later this year to worry too much about that yet. Hopefully. 

As I have two books in the fire, I’m typing until my fingers bleed – or that’s the plan. Stay tuned for assorted descriptions of days when I just dont’ get enough done. Like today. Word count is so tragic it can almost be considered negative. Hopefully no editors are reading this. 

In other news, to distract myself from my paltry need to stare mindlessly at the computer screen, I made a lovely batch of smoked salmon nori rolls, went for a swim with my dog (turns out he is not happy to be used in place of an inflatable sea biscuit – who knew?) and purchased some much needed printer ink, prawns and a tube of wasabi paste. Yes, life in the fast lane here, folks. Just wait until I regale you with my tales of floor washing and dish wiping!


PS there was one exciting thing that happened recently. A snake got into the outdoor loo (that’s toilet for proper folks and bathroom for North Americans) then disappeared. Am still looking for the wormhole it escaped through. Anyone in other dimensions who may have seen it, please do not send it back.

14 thoughts on “Twins of Saranthium 3 – Redemption, CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  1. Hi I have just finished the first two books of the Twins series am really excited about your next and final book Redemption.Now we are in the year 3/11/13 2013 and the fact we live in Qld Australia I was wondering if the Redemption is inally finished and asailable in english.Your books are truly captivating.Thank you Cheers, Stephanie.

    • Hi Stephanie
      and thank you so much for your kind words, I’m glad you’re still hanging in there waiting for the third book that is much appreciated 🙂 As for Redemption I am working on that now so no it’s not available yet but it is scheduled to be released as an ebook in 2015 by Escape publishing so, sorry you will have to wait so long but it WILL come out in English finally.
      best wishes

  2. Hi terrific books.Just finished the Awakening and Betrayal,so wondering if Redemption avaiable in Auustralia{Qld] in englishI really enjoyed your book and excited about the final book ,hopefully is finished and avaiable.Cheers, Stephanie

  3. I love reading your books. Since these days I have read bothe for the first time they’re are two of my favorits.
    I’m from Germany so I read them in German. But I won’t wait for the German book 3, I will read in English. That’s funny ’cause when I start reading your books I had English just for 2 1/2 ( I think) in school so I wasn’t able to read them in English and now I can. I’m really looking forward to read it. Hope it will come out this year 2015. But not only as an E-Book. I’m a big fan of real books. Would you come to the Frankfurt Book Fair when the German one is out? That would be awsome.
    Thanks for reading this

    • Hi Ronja
      many thanks for your kind words about my books. I’m hoping book three will be out this year as well! I’m still working on it but fingers crossed it will be done by April -not sure of the publication date yet though.
      And I wish I could go to Frankfurt, that would be fabulous. Unfortunately I don’t have any travel plans right now, but one day I hope to get there.
      all the best

  4. I love this two books.
    I think this series is one of the best dragon fantasy book I ever read. But sadly it’s only two….I really went to know how this end and when the last book would be come out.
    I hope it would be really soon.
    Lovely greetings


  5. Hi from Germany,

    Im still reading your second Book but Theresa Arena only 100 pages left. These books are soooo amaizing could you give an update for the release date.

    All the Best lena

    • Hi Iena
      thanks for taking the time to send me a message and for reading my books. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Twins. I am nearly finished the third book but it still won’t be out until next year, sorry! When I have a date I will post it on my website.

      have lovely day and hope it’s not too cold over there
      best wishes

  6. Hi from Austria,

    your books are just impressive. They are a milestone in Fantasy-Literature. At the moment i`m reading the second book of this triology in german. It`s far beyond every book i read before. Its much much better like day to day fantasy literature like eragon and harry potter and much others which are avalaible at the literature market. Its a new kind of looking and working with this kind of stuff. I hope the third book will be released as soon as possible. It`s hard to wait for it. Would you come to vienna if the third book is available in german? Wish you the best and have a nice day.

    Greetings Markus

    • Hello Markus

      thank you for those lovely comments. The third book will be available in German sometime within the next year, hopefully, it depends on my publisher’s schedule. And of course I would love to visit Vienna however it is a very long way from Australia and I can only hope one day it will be possible!

      good wishes to you

  7. Hi Lara. I have just read both your books. Loved them. had me transfixed. Have you a release date for redemption yet?

    • Hi Charlotte
      thank you so much for asking, Yes Redemption will be out in English as an ebook on November 5 this year. For links to buy it see the front page of my website.
      best wishes

  8. Hi,
    I’ve read the first and the second “twins of saranthium” books and loved them. I would really like to read the end, but I hate ebooks. Is there any chance that “Redemption” will be published as a print?
    With kind regards,

    • Hi Asmira
      I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed my books, and I understand about ebooks, unfortunately at the moment Redemption is only in ebook in English. It will be printed in German this year but Im guessing you possibly don’t read German.
      The only way to get a print copy is when it becomes available as a large print edition to order on website but it will cost around $65 I’m afraid. Sorry about that. Hope your New Year was lovely
      best wishes

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