January 20

New year has come and gone, January is almost over and finally I am getting back to the keyboard after a protracted retreat involving two seasons of Pushing Daisies and finally watching season four of Battlestar Galactica. Love that Starbuck, she is so messed up. The last two months have been a mad whirlwind and I’m in the mood for a break from this  place called reality and am ready to hop the on the alternate existence express. AKA  – back to the business of books. Betrayal – book 2 in the Twins of Saranthium – is going to press so hopefully all the commas, semi colons and names are in the right place and order ‘cos it’s too late now to turn back It should hit bookshelves in March, along with a re released paperback of Awakening (with a beautiful new cover to go along with)

And I am finally getting on with my next project which is editing the first book in my new young adult series, The Rosie Black Chronicles……drum roll please as I put in another shameless publicity plug… yes the first book, The Genesis Project, is due out in September with Walker Books so I’m head down and elbows deep in space ships, mars and some futuristic action.Plus a little romance on the side. Always got to have a touch of that. So it’s the red pen for me for a few weeks and then I’ll be preparing for attending the All Saints College Festival in Perth on March 17 in Perth. No rest for the wicked.