September 15, 2010 – Blogging and book trailers…oh and Worldcon

I’m a bit behind but I am finally trying to put some words down about the fabulous time I had at Worldcon. It was, of course, wonderful, informative,hilarious and totally exhausting but worth every minute and cent spent to go.

Highlights: Meeting people I’ve only talked to online in the flesh – nothing beats it really. Having long conversations about Buffy where everyone is so keen and no one rolls their eyes and suggests talking about something as mundane as politics or the state of the world. Who cares really! Being at Worldcon was like being in a beautiful sci fi bubble where it was normal to pass a storm trooper on the way to a panel and fancy hats and tight bodices were everyday wear. Best Panel: so hard to choose, but I think The Series question panel I did with Ian Irvine, David (DM) Cornish and Kate Forsyth was the most fun – everyone had so many great things to say about how they worked and we were all quite different from chaotic and mildly planned (me and David) to tightly planned and totally organised (Ian and Kate). I also enjoyed watching the Vampire Zombie Smackdown panel which was complete with sprited audience participation. Best party: every one! But perhaps the London Bid 2014 was one of the most popular – or maybe it was all the free booze.

Lowlights: it’s over. But for those who couldn’t make it this year – you will have to save those pennies and head to the USA next year where it will be in Reno, Nevada.

Now on to blogging and book trailers. In honour of Rosie Black’s entrance into the universe I’m starting a blog dedicated to the series at wordpress ;  I’m giving away a copy of the first book during October and November so go have a look. 

And there is a fab BOOK TRAILER  see it first at and I am also lining up a blog tour so watch this space…


Well I’m almost ready to go and have got my schedule of where I’ll be and what I’m up to.There’s a few panels and lots of fun stuff so drop by and have a chat or if you miss a panel,just track me down at the bar! 

Worldbuilding in YA spec fic Panel – Thursday 4pm

When history become fantasy: Artistic license and historical cinema – Fri 10am

Book signing Fri 1pm – bring your book along and I’ll sign it saying whatever you like.

kaffeeklatsche Sat 11am 

The Series Question YA panel – Sun 11am

Has Hollywood Sucked the Vampire Dry panel – Sun 1pm

Fantasy tv: what happened panel – Sun 2pm.

I’m also planning on going to the Nightmare Ball, Hugos and the Ditmars at Dudcon – anyone who doesn’t know about Dudcon go here to find out more

See you at the Con.