March 22, 2010 Inspiration – or something like it

I recently returned from a stint at a writers festival at a school and am still thinking of this one great question one of the kids asked. What was your most inspirational moment? For about five seconds after she asked this I just had a big blank. It was a really good, hard to answer question and mostly because it’s not something I usually think about. Do any of us? I do spend time thinking about what inspires me regarding certain stories I might write, where the ideas came from, how the characters evolved, but an actual moment of inspiration akin to a Eureka moment is another thing. I ended up answering her by saying I thought it was being read Lord of the Rings when I was a child, because it was an inspirational moment and one I still do remember, but the most?? I don’t know.I’m not even sure I really have one defining moment. Do you? 

Some people talk about people they’ve met – amazing people with incredible life stories – others it’s just a moment in time like man’s first steps on the moon, but the most inspirational is hard to pin point. I’m still wondering.

March 3, 2010. BETRAYAL is out!!

Yes, finally book 2 in the Twins has hit the shelves and I’m excited.  Check out the trailer link above to have a look at what it’s about. There’s always something magical about seeing your own work up there alongside all the others. I’ve also not long got back from a long weekend at the Perth Writers Festival. Fantastic time, meeting other authors, finally meeting in the flesh my publisher from Walker (the lovely Sarah) and hopping in and out of all the author panels and buying far too many books as usual. I have run out of bookshelf space now – books are in overflow mode now, but I can’t be stopped. 

I also handed in the first book in my new series, The Rosie Black Chronicles,to Walker and it will be out later in the year, probably in October now, but stay tuned here for the actual date, cover art and exciting stories from the dangerous world of editing. 

I am also (right now in fact) preparing for my appearance at the All Saints Festival in Perth on March 17 & 18 and in the middle of it yesterday a baby snake slithered into my office for a visit. I looked at it (from the safety of the top of my sofa) it looked at me and we were both as alarmed as each other. After rearing up and looking terrified it ducked under the bookcase. Spent hours taking out all the books from the bottom of the bookshelf only to find it asleep on the window sill. Had to call in the husband snake removal squad to get it out as I am a total chicken when it comes to long bitey things, I shall leave the heroics to my characters I think.